Future Stunt Man

Now that we have a toddler, it kind of amazes just how resilient kids truly are, and how fearless they can be.  We do child-proof fairly well, but with Enzo in the house, we’d have to wrap everything in bubble wrap if we truly wanted to avoid bumps, bruises, scrapes, and broken bones (which we thankfully haven’t had yet).


Gradually, Enzo has gotten more and more fearless and almost daily he tests his limits.  When he was younger it was balancing on things that he shouldn’t necessarily.  There was also the time he drove his ride-on Batmobile down the two steps leading from the kitchen to the living play room. Now, it’s more about jumping… jumping on his bed, jumping on the couch, jumping off the couch into a pool of balls…


Even when he does get hurt, it never seems to stop him.  He always gets back to it, or forgets it happens at all and the next time might try and step it up a notch, depending on just how bad the “owie” might have been.  His bigger tumble down the stairs did kind of scare him so he’s been more careful going up and down in general and is more cautious about carrying things in his hands while doing so. Thankfully day care knows how rough and tumble he can be, and that the bruises are all his own doing. Seriously, though… toddler skulls?  Ridiculously thick.


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