Hot and Steamy (weather, that is).

Oh that time of year when it’s so hot and humid outside that stepping into an air conditioned room or car feels like its freezing and you put on a sweater even though it’s over 70 degrees.  I remember the first year we were here and I was completely unaccustomed to humidity of any kind coming from southern Colorado and the dry desert heat.  On the plus side, it means the kids can go outside as early as they want to because it’s actually pleasant out.


These pictures are from a few weeks ago when we filled up the little pool on the deck. We need to do that again… the kids (and I) had a blast. We chased each other around with squirt guns and they gained up on me viciously.  The water was ICY cold, but Phoebe didn’t care. Enzo was a little more cautious when it came to getting in the water and I was good with dipping a toe.



They may not always get along, but they will quickly side together against any opposition – which means it was me against them in our water fight.  I can’t imagine a better way to spend a morning, though.  Sometimes I forget how fun it is to be a kid and having kids will definitely keep you young.  I can’t wait to introduce them to water balloons one of these weekends.  It’s on!