It’s a routine thing.

I’ve always liked having routines. I’m not against surprises by any means and have my spontaneous moments, but for the most part I find routines to be somewhat calming because I know exactly what to expect.  I can roll with changes if I need to, but without a doubt I am thrown off kilter if my morning routine is interrupted in a big way.  I knew that having kids would most likely require me to switch up my routine, but for the most part we do indeed still have our daily routines.  Enzo seems to thrive on them just as much as I do… like me, he likes to know what to expect.  Phoebe seems to be more of a go with the flow type of gal, however, since both Josh and I work, and the kids are in day care, routines are just kind of a must to keep things running smoothly.


Right now, everyone’s favorite routine is our bath routine.  The kids don’t get baths every night because it dries their skin out badly, but come summertime they’ll be more likely to get a daily dunking which will please them to no end. There’s a great deal of excitement when I announce that its bath night and both kids run for the tub. Enzo gets undressed himself, but Phoebe I have to grab otherwise she’d attempt to climb in fully clothed.  I’m glad that for now they like taking baths together – it’s such a timesaver.


Really, though, the part they like most about baths is the part that comes immediately afterwards when they can shed their towels and run around sans clothing.  It’s get them wound up again, but it’s kind of adorable, so we let the craziness proceed. This weekend, I broke out of our routine and gave the kids a bath after snack because Phoebe smeared her cupcake (Enzo picked them out specially while grocery shopping and put them in his cart) all over her hair.  The early bath slightly confused Enzo, however, who was ready to get into pajamas and have his bedtime books despite it being 4:00 in the afternoon.  Whoops.