When life hands you lemons…

When life hands you lemons, or in my case, sick kids and a sick husband you take advantage of the gorgeous day and try not to think of your vacation days slowly being used up before you get to do all of the fun stuff you want to do the rest of the year and not think about the fact that your husband has no sick/vacation time because he is a contract worker.  Oh well, as long as everyone is healthy again soon, that’s all that matters.  Granted, little girl is only home because she’s on quarantine due to pink eye.


You’d never actually guess she had a double ear infection to boot.  She’s been all smiles and silliness this morning and I’m sure will enjoy some sunshine later on this afternoon (I’m writing this early in the day hoping the wind will die down…).  Enzo was the one who kept me home from work yesterday… and we still have no idea what was up.  He was really quiet and calm yesterday morning, which is not like him at all, but he had no fever and said he wanted to go to preschool, so we went.  A couple hours later I got the call saying he had been crying and fussing most of the morning and didn’t want to participate and wanted to come home.  He had a 10 minute nap in the car and crawled into my bed to watch a movie, had a huge lunch and was completely recovered.  Not even a nap.


I remember back when I was younger and I’d actually have UNUSED vacation days.  Can you even imagine?  I had hours upon hours to carry over into the next year.  Now?  I’m lucky if I don’t go over my allotted sick and vacation time and even more lucky if I get to use the majority on actual fun things and not illness.  I just keep reminding myself that the worst is over.  Phoebe is almost 2 and Enzo really hasn’t been sick all that much, so next year we should all have fully operating immune systems!  Woohoo!


Well, a girl can hope anyway. I’ve got to admit, though, I could get used to the whole staying at home thing. While kids can be squirmy while shopping, the stores are quieter during the week and I’m looking forward to going on a walk this afternoon and maybe getting some cleaning in while Phoebe naps.  Don’t get me wrong, being a stay-at-home-mom would still be a tough job, probably way more tough than my regular job, but also really different.  Admittedly, I’d probably get bored so I’d need a scheduled routine for our days and we’d definitely need play groups, but I can see the appeal and why some parents decide to make the sacrifices to make it work.  I mean, can you imagine two better coworkers?


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