Not only is it Good Friday… it’s Great!

My puns are usually for Josh’s benefit since he loves them so. ­čśë ┬áThis week we’ve needed a slight sense of humor, though. Day care is closed today for annual training, so I am home with the kiddos! ┬áJosh was originally going to take today off as well, but unfortunately got sick and already took time off this week. ┬áSo… our plans have changed for the day. ┬áBecause I’m actually writing this on Thursday, I can’t say for sure what we’ll do with our extra day, but I want our day to be fun. ┬áI may clean a little, but I think despite a chill in the air, we should get out and find some fun.


With these two, fun isn’t too hard to find, but I do have to consider a few things when handling them singly. ┬áIf Enzo is in a stroller then Phoebe will consent to being worn, but if he decides he needs to walk then she will inevitably decide she needs to walk to. ┬áThis is a problem because she does not stay close and will run if given the option. ┬áSo… we need to go somewhere where I either don’t need a stroller or somewhere with enough space for both stroller seats but also areas where they can get out together┬áand┬ánot get lost in a crowd. ┬áDue to the chill and the fact that Phoebe is getting over an ear infection means I also don’t want to spend much time outside. ┬áMy thinking cap is on.


I suppose it also wouldn’t be the end of the world if we just stayed home all day and made our own fun inside. ┬áWe can always bake something or find some sort of craft to make… maybe. I’m really not crafty at all, let’s just face it. ┬áMaybe it’s time to Pinterest some ideas and then at the very least, perhaps we’ll have some fun Pinterest fails to share. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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