Snow one day, sun the next!

I really don’t have much today, and I’m really hoping that my body/mind reboot this weekend so that Monday I feel more like myself.  In the meantime, we have a 3-day weekend ahead of us because day care is closed for annual training tomorrow, so timing is perfect. I’m feeling burned out and could use an extra day, which is also why I got the brilliant idea to take the kids on a field trip. I contemplated getting a lot done around the house and possibly starting potty training with Phoebe, but instead we’re going to go spend a little time in the car and go to the National Eagle Center and play it by ear. I’m not in the mood to adult and responsible things can be done on Saturday.  My brain needs to get out, I think, and not be stared in the face by all of the things that are a tad overwhelming right now.

Now, in order to tie-in these photos that have absolutely nothing to do with anything, but are from a random evening, I’m ready to “jump” into the weekend. Hooray for really bad puns!





Unfortunately the really funny photos that caught Phoebe falling down the stairs (don’t worry, she didn’t get hurt) were dark and really blurry.  Curse our dark living room!