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Feline Shenanigans

Okay, it’s true… I have nothing to write about.  When in doubt, cats, right?  I think that’s preferable than whining about coming down with what is surely the flu since that’s what Enzo has/had.  The weather is equally dull and slightly depressing, so I’m not going to dwell on that either. Instead… cats.  I think I’m starting to figure Vega out. Okay, maybe not the peeing thing… I still have no idea why she pees in my office and still have to keep the door shut, but at least she’s not doing it anywhere else?

That being said, it’s funny how differently she treats me from everyone else.  Granted, Uzi and Ziggy have been around longer so they treat me and Josh pretty much the same, although Ziggy has a soft spot for Josh and his manly hands that give her a glorious belly rub.  Vega is starting to treat him more the same, but she reserves more of her personality for me.  She isn’t much of a talker, but will talk most often to me. She follows me into the bathroom almost every morning (much to Ziggy’s chagrin, as that’s her thing).  She’ll meow at me and sometimes try and paw open the shower curtain.  If I call for Josh or one of the kids, she’ll sometimes answer me instead. Haha!

My favorite, though, is that she treats me like a cat. I know exactly when she wants to play because she’ll chase me around like one of the cats until I grab a toy for her or play something else.  She even grabs my legs when I walk by and last night she nipped at me.  One day she’s going to kill us both when she tries to race me up the stairs, but it’s rather endearing nonetheless.  She and Uzi play somewhat more frequently, but still not all that often, and Vega still enjoys sitting on Ziggy and snuggling and giving her a bath.

We’re all pretty happy with our big Lump.  Okay, maybe not the other cats all the time (even if they are more spunky lately) and probably not the fish who she thinks are her own personal entertainment, but overall we like her. Now to get her to stop peeing in my office, destroying the carpet, and there you go!  Cat family complete!

Photo Dump… with Cats

I was originally going to just title this Cat Dump, but that obviously doesn’t sound like something anyone would want to click on.  I have a lot of cat photos, though, and not a lot of cat updates.  Ziggy is getting up there in years and we’ve got her taking a joint supplement. She’s only been on it for about a week, but hopefully we’ll see improvement in her mobility soon.  In the meantime, she can most often be found in the kid’s book corner when upstairs or on the couch… or really anywhere comfy for sleeping.


Uzi is still active and shows no signs of aging, except perhaps for his grumpy old man routine where Vega is concerned and he gives me the evil eye if I give her too much attention.  He’s been fairly needy lately and I swear at times he and Vega are just jealous siblings both vying for my love and affection on a constant basis.


It’s funny how different the relationship is between Vega and Ziggy vs. Vega and Uzi. Vega has slightly more respect for Ziggy (doesn’t pounce on her too often) and likes to snuggle her and give her a bath, whereas with Uzi, she just wants to play and fight and annoy him and has zero respect for him.



Look at how cute and innocent I am!!


Get off my lawn!  Hooligans!


We have an absurd amount of blankets and places for cats and kids to snuggle, so you really always have to be careful when you pick a pile up because one or the other could be hiding.


See?!  Sometimes everybody plays nice!  I love how much more the cats have grown to tolerate the kids. One night Both Ziggy and Uzi hopped up on Enzo’s bed when it was time to go to sleep. They still have a love/hate relationship with Vega though, since she’s ornery and they can’t tell when she’s actually going to attack them or not.


Just a boy and a kitty hanging out.  I’m glad that Uzi has been such a good cat to have with the kids. He’s always gentle and so very patient with them, even when his ears and tail have been pulled.



Cats are good for the soul.

Horribly outnumbered by pets and kids

Warning: Excessive cat talk ahead!

There are days where I hardly notice we have 2 kids and 3 cats and then are days where I feel like there isn’t enough room in our house and like I’m constantly cleaning up some kind of bodily fluid or otherwise.   I don’t know what was in the air, but the other day I cleaned up cat vomit twice and then Phoebe puked all over me and our bed.  Then one of the cats pooped in Phoebe’s room.  I’m still not entirely sure who the culprit was. In all fairness I was “neglecting” all of them equally while trying to get some work done.


All this and somehow the kids and I would absolutely have more pets if space and Josh allowed.  The kids are on board with my idea to have chickens and basically a small hobby farm… Josh is not so keen on the idea. In the meantime I’d be happy with something soft and cuddly *cough* BUNNY *cough* however even I realize that we don’t have the setup right now.  So… cats it is!


Enzo and the cats are getting along fairly well lately, and the cats would absolutely love on Phoebe if she would let them.  She gets mad if Vega won’t stop following her or me around. Ha ha. I’m just waiting for Vega to become a docile pile of fluff like Uzi and Ziggy so I can squish her.  She’s so soft and brings out some major cute aggression in me.


She hasn’t fallen off the deck again, but did have a mishap with falling from the ledge in the living room into the entry way.  She was chasing a fly and jumped into the window above the front door and then tried to jump back and completely failed and fell a good 10 ft – it should be noted she did not land on her feet.  She was okay, though!  As for the fly… I have no idea.

Processed with VSCO

I don’t have too many pictures of Uzi or Ziggy lately… partly because they are often sleeping in dark places or the second they see me with the camera they won’t hold still.  They are both doing well, though!  They are aging gracefully and with few problems, for which I am glad.  They have their same routines and not even Vega can mess with those too much.  She’s the typical ornery younger sibling with her own odd quirks.


In typical cat fashion, Vega gets into everything and is usually in the way. She is my shadow, which means she is usually underfoot.  She still isn’t very talkative, but when she does meow, it’s the tiniest squeakiest little meow I’ve ever heard. She really has been such a great addition to our family. Now my only wish is that one day all three of them snuggle. HA!


A little bit of nothing really

I’m dragging today for some reason. I grudgingly had to pull myself out of bed and have been kind of tired all day. I suppose I didn’t go to bed as early as I could have, but there are shows to watch and steps to take and books to read!  Cats don’t realize how easy they’ve got it. They get to sleep all day. Jerks.



No one ever moves a sleeping cat, right?  They’re all warm and cozy and purr. I never know where I’ll find them. Typically Uzi sleeps on our bed, but I’ve noticed that Enzo’s blanket often has a lot of black kitty hair on it.  Ziggy is usually under our bed unless Vega bugs her and then sometimes she’s under our dresser or who knows where. Vega tends to be everywhere. She’ll usually wait for me outside Phoebe’s door and the other night I tripped on her because she was sleeping on the bathroom rug.  One of the favorite perches is the ledge in the entry way, though.


I would love to be able to stretch out in a nice bit of sunlight and just take a nap and get all nice and toasty. The next best thing is snuggling a cat who’s been in the sun and Vega is getting better about being picked up and cuddled. She is without a doubt MY cat.


She doesn’t talk much, but every so often she’ll do a really quiet squeaky mew at me when she runs up to me. It’s kind of adorable. I also love her crooked whiskers that look like they had a bad perm job. Unfortunately she still loves torturing Uzi, and often chases Ziggy, but usually just wants to cuddle with her. It’s kind of adorable.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Okay, I’ve had way too many cat update posts lately, which tells me I’m not getting out enough. I think that’ll start changing soon, though. I feel like we need to have a game night or something in the near future – especially once the weather warms up. Either way, I’ve got to get out!!

The cat update you didn’t ask for…

Ziggy is… Ziggy. She’s been a tad irritable since we started rearranging the downstairs, but she’s been making more appearances upstairs and has let the kids give her a quick pet before sticking her tail nub in the air and trotting away.  She still tolerates Vega’s vigorous baths, though she is never happy about it.


Uzi is thankfully getting back to his old self again. He still has no interest in befriending Vega, but he’s been a lot happier with the warmer weather and getting out on the back deck. It’s actually the only place where he’s gone right up to Vega and sniffed her nose and not been annoyed with her. Could the deck be neutral ground???


Vega is very much a kitten.  The funny thing being that she weighs more than either adult cat and I think her weight throws her off when she tries to balance where she shouldn’t. We’re still working on training her to stop jumping on tables and counters, but that’s fairly standard cat behavior. One of her latest cat quirks is pretty funny, though.  Vega discovered that sometimes when we’re getting ice from the fridge, a stray piece will fall, and it is her new favorite thing. She now runs to the fridge if anyone is getting ice and waits expectantly for an ice cube to chase around. I’ve been switching to chips lately just so she’s more likely to get a piece. 😉


All in the all, everyone is getting along pretty well and the kids are pretty happy with the cats. Phoebe is still pretty wary of Vega, but has started trying to carry Uzi and give him hugs. He very patiently puts up with it, most likely because of treats.