Road Trip Part 6 – Durango

The trip from California to Durango, Colorado was done overnight, so we didn’t make many stops along the way, however count on small children to need to use the restroom at the worst time possible when there are no bathrooms around.  Haha. We also started to run into cooler drizzly weather which made exiting the car even more enjoyable.

I really failed at taking pictures during this portion of our trip and I don’t know why!  Maybe because it felt so much like just being at home?  I know at home I have to make more of an effort to pick up my camera at times.  Plus, a lot of our time was just spent hanging out and chatting and unfortunately we were only there a few days, so that has a lot to do with it as well. Lots of good food and just nice to be home where really not much has changed, and as always a part of me thinks of moving back one day.  Just maybe.

My dad has several of these large creepy crawlies around the yard and on his Jeep that he has made.

Enzo disovered Sprite on this trip, and now we’ve had to come to an agreement that he only gets it occasionally as a special treat. 😉  Also… while I try to avoid the kindles at restaurants, at this point in our trip the kids got cranky pretty fast and this battle is one I chose not to fight.

Thankfully there wasn’t much rain while we were there, and despite the chill, we hit up the playground because it is by far one of the better ones we have been to.  Nicely done, Durango!

Alas, our stay was far too short.  Next time we’re going to make a strictly Colorado journey.  There are a ton of small towns and adventures I want to take Josh and the kids on and we need at least a week or so to fully enjoy it and have time to visit with everyone properly.  We had another night drive ahead of us, so we bid farewell to Colorado and sadly it was too dark to take pictures of the several large herds of elk we saw at dusk.

Onward to South Dakota!