Road Trip Part 4 – Beach, Please.

See what I did there?  Yeah, yeah, not original in the slightest, but it’s been a long week and it’s cold and rainy, so it’s the perfect day to relive some fun at the beach!

First, though, we spent Friday after our Disney fun just relaxing. The kids played and then we took them to the swimming pool to really wear them out.  Phoebe was very excited to don her fancy gloves and play with her new tea set.

We went to Coronado Beach on a Saturday and surprisingly enough it wasn’t even that busy and the weather was gorgeous!  The water was a tad chilly, but we were so excited to dip our feet in and soak up the warm rays from the sun.

They’re not even a little excited. Ha!

I love how he just carried that shovel around. You never know when you might need to dig a hole, right?  Enzo didn’t necessarily enjoy how cold the water was, but Phoebe couldn’t care less.

Yeah, we all enjoyed the nice weather and change of scenery just a bit.  There were also a ton of tiny clams everywhere!  It was really kind of bizarre, but neat. I’ve never seen so many and it was a little odd to watch their very squishy, gelatinous… selves try and hold on to the sand as the waves came and do whatever it is they were trying to do. Clearly I know nothing about clams.

We’ve been listening to ocean waves as bedtime background noise and it really is so relaxing. I can see why people would choose to live close to it. I have a feeling the kids would say the same. Alas, back to reality and time to pull out my sweatshirt for the high of 48 degrees and even more rain tomorrow. 😉

Road Trip Part 3 – Disneyland!

Not surprisingly, one thing we were all looking forward to on our trip was Disneyland. It’s the happiest place on earth, right?  It’s been years since I’ve been there, Josh had never been and we figured both kids were old enough to enjoy it, so the 4 of us and my mom headed off to Disneyland bright and early on a Thursday morning.  One thing we knew we wanted to do was spend a full day there, but we didn’t necessarily want to drive back to my mom’s the same day, so we got a room at a hotel a couple blocks away.  Best idea ever. We were even able to check in that morning, drop our stuff off and walk over to Disneyland.

Enzo wasn’t keen on getting his photo taken so early in the morning, but I can’t really blame him. Even during an on “off-season” day there were still lots of people and lots of things to see. We kind of just picked a direction and went for it.

Josh and I started the day off going on Big Thunder Mountain. Phoebe was too short and Enzo decided it was too scary, so my Mom stood by with them while we got one ride out of our system and then focused on a little sight-seeing and heading toward Toon Town.

We were briefly distracted by the short line to Small World, so we figured it would be a really nice and easy first ride for the kiddos.  So… Phoebe loved it.  It wasn’t too fast and she loved looking at everything.  Enzo thought it was boring.  The rest of us feel like we lost 5 years of our lives in the ride that never freaking ends.  Just when you think you can’t take it anymore and are willing to throw yourself from the boat… it keeps going.  My only consolation is that it made Phoebe very happy.

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Travel to space?

After hearing more and more about Virgin Galactic it makes me wonder whether I would plunk down the cash if I ever had $200,000 to experience being in space for just a few moments really.  I think, if for some reason I had an absurd amount of money to throw around, I would. It’s one of those once in a lifetime experiences after all. I have always wondered what it would be like to go into space, however, since I’ll never have an extra $200k I will probably always have to wonder. Besides, knowing my luck, I’d never make it because I’d get such bad motion sickness. :p

Nordic Inn B&B

For our Mini-Moon (a preview of our big Honeymoon next year) Josh and I decided to head north and stay at a couple of Bed & Breakfasts (a first for both of us, though I worked at one years ago). If you know either of us, you know they couldn’t be just your ordinary everyday B&Bs – they had to be something unique and we needed to find some silly things to do during the day in the surrounding areas.

A couple of years ago on television, Josh and I saw this very unique hotel located in Crosby, MN, and we knew that we had to visit one day. So, our first destination was The Nordic Inn Medieval Brew & Bed! You know it’s going to be interesting when you arrive to a locked door with instructions to have your password ready (decided on when booking) and to pull on a giant ring attached to a chain. We stepped back and heard a voice bark out, “Password!” Josh called back, “Monkey!” and the doors swung wide to reveal a burly viking with a small horse at his side. Okay it wasn’t actually a horse, but a very large Great Dane named Thor. We were instructed to make ourselves homely at the bar and so the night began. If you’re offended by bawdy humor, this may not be the place for you, but we soon felt right at home drinking amazing mead (Winehaven – a MN winery) and beer, paid for with Kronnar, which you can get by converting your american currency as soon as you sit down. We were the only guests, so there were no games that night, but Steinarr (the owner) was entertainment enough and the conversation went from lewd humor to historical to philosophical. Not only is Steinarr a great conversationalist, but he is an amazing cook and treated us to a meal that included a wonderful soup, Rosemary Chicken, Turnips (the best I’ve ever encountered), Garlic Potatoes, to-die-for Parsley Bread, and for dessert – Peasant’s Pie (an oatmeal pie that tastes exactly like Pecan Pie.

One of our favorite parts of the night, was of course the fantastic themed room. The Jarl’s Den was one of the more masculine rooms with a hunting theme. There were furs of every kind on the walls and bed. (Apparently a previous guest had gifted the reindeer pelts that now drape themselves over the bed). In the middle of the room was a huge whirlpool tub, which you can be sure we soaked in before cuddling up in that nice big comfy bed. We both slept soundly and it was Josh who heard the 8:30 horn blowing alerting us that breakfast would be ready soon. At 9:00 the horn blew again and before we knew it, a heaping plate was set before us. For breakfast we feasted on meat pies, hashbrowns, more parsley bread, and a scrumptious apple pastry.

Stuffed to the brim we headed onward to Paul Bunyan Land!

To be continued…