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The Long Weekend – 4th of July Style

It doesn’t need to be said, but I’m going to say it anyway. I love a 4 day weekend.  It’s even better when you really only have a small portion of it planned.  We knew we’d be going to the carnival on Sunday, but that was it. So, I started our Saturday day off the best way possible. I took the kids to Costco.  Not my best idea, but it needed to be done and we got a TON of water balloons.  The kids decided we needed to have a water balloon fight at some point.  They were not on their best behavior, however, so we ended up heading straight home after to Costco.

The kids could not have been more excited for Sunday to arrive, and it actually worked out really well because the carnival wasn’t nearly as packed as it is on the actual 4th of July and it was wristband day, which meant that for 5 hours the kids could go on as many rides as they went.

Phoebe wasn’t quite as adventurous as last year, but Enzo was even more so, which wasn’t the end of the world, but at times made it difficult because each kid wanted to be on different rides pretty much every time.  We met up with my brother and sister-in-law like we usually do and their two boys, which is always great for the kids, but I think we were often split up most of the time. Ha!  It was also surreal getting this glimpse into the future when our kids are even more independent than they already are.

It’s nice right now because neither of them really care whether or not they have to go on a ride by themselves, but I admit it was nice when one of them requested that we join in on the fun.  All too soon they’ll be off on their own and not want us cramping their style.

We did have one scare (which thankfully I didn’t find out about until afterwards) where Phoebe wandered off.  I was in line/on a ride with Enzo and Aiden and Josh and Steve were watching Malcolm and Phoebe when apparently Phoebe wandered off in search of me. Steve and Josh split up to look for her and thankfully found her quickly when Steve found a woman who was bringing her to Lost and Found.  I think it’s time we have a set game plan and a long talk with both kids on what to do if one of them gets lost.

Back to the fun!

As we were getting ready to leave, this little robin wandered a little too close to the little kid rides and not surprisingly small children started chasing it, so Josh ran and rescued it from the fray and took it somewhere safe.  I was about ready to adopt it, but after calling the Humane Society the woman assured me that our little friend should be flying in a few days and since we had no idea where his nest/tree was, the best bet was to take it a little away from all of the chaos of the carnival.  So cute!

On Monday, I blissfully found myself alone at Target and it was quiet and empty and magical.

I later found myself at IKEA where they were temporarily out of the bed I wanted for Phoebe (boo!), but they had a fantastic cabinet almost 50% off for my office!  Score!!

We also cleaned Bowser’s cage.  (Not all of the lights are in use on top of the cage… they’re to keep Vega off.  His new home should be arriving around the 14th next week and then we won’t have to worry about it!

Okay, time to wrap this up!

Week in Review – Pulled Teeth and Rain

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

The week started out not too shabby.  Monday was nice and I worked from home, which is nice because I also have more time to get Bowser out so he can explore.

It’s also nice because I finish up work before the kids get home with Josh and it leaves me some time to pick up a few things and even put my feet up sometimes!

Tuesday, however, got off to a rocky start when we found out at the dentist that Phoebe had an abscess above one of her front teeth and the tooth needed to be pulled.  In my wisdom I said sure, let’s just do it today so we don’t have to set up another appointment… well, Phoebe did great. Really great. I ended up with my head between my knees trying not to pass out. Not at all embarrassing.

Not surprisingly, Phoebe asked to go home after the procedure was done and I obliged.  I already had my work laptop with me, and as I assumed she just wanted to lie down in bed and watch some TV, so I was able to get some work done.

Well, some work. My laptop also decided it need lots of time consuming updates. It really never fails.  Ever. My computer really just hates me.

Uzi was quite happy to be snuggled between both of us, however, so at least I had a purring cat to pet while waiting for technology to sort itself out.

Lunch and then a new hairdo for me courtesy of Phoebe.

She was even feeling so well later on that afternoon, that we made some banana bread to surprise the boys with when they got home.

Had some rough nights with Enzo going to sleep, but had some decent mornings, so there’s that?

Other than that, we went to the zoo on Saturday (even though it ended up being windy and a little chilly and the rain started earlier than expected).  Lots of dragon pictures as usual and planning out his new tank… still haven’t entirely decided, though.

I hope everyone had a fantastic week!

Week In Review – Hot, Hot, Hot

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

Okay, I’m certain I must have accomplished something last week, but so far the only pictures I can really find on my phone have mostly Bearded Dragon pictures.  So, a good portion of our week has revolved around our new little buddy.

While we had a setup for him already, I did further research online (because that’s what I do – research things obsessively) and discovered we really needed a better setup – lighting on the inside rather than on top of the screen and making sure our UVB light is strong enough and buying a unlighted heat lamp as the red ones can actually disturb their sleep.  Anyway, it’s been fun and he’s such a social little dude!

Vega, however, is a little obsessed and I need to find a better way to keep her off the top of his cage.  We moved it so he’d get more natural sunlight, but now she can hop up far too easily.

Enzo assisted me in putting together a new shelf that we needed after moving around some furniture. That kid is strong – I didn’t even have to tighten the screws after him.  So, it was really more of his accomplishment than mine.

Josh also picked up a project for me.  Yep, looks like I’ll be fixing up a dollhouse. it’s a tad big, so I think we’ll sell it when I’m done, or else sell the kids’ other dollhouse if they end up liking this one better. Eventually I’d love to be a little grandma and do one of those fantastic smaller dollhouses.  This one is more for 12″ dolls.

Seriously, who knew lizards could be this much fun?  I underestimated just how social they are and I officially fell in love when Bowser did a cat move and nuzzled his head under my shirt a bit and fell asleep. I kept him covered with a little towel to help him keep warm.  Haha. I can’t help it… I’m an animal lover and we’ll most likely end up with an entire menagerie one day.

Bearded Dragons and BBQ!

I never did a week in review post like I usually do on Monday – mainly because we all had the day off and ended up being fairly busy!  Over the weekend we had a bunch of friends over for BBQ and to hang out and it was a blast.  The weather was really nice and perfect for the kids to run around and later on to make s’mores. We FINALLY pulled out the fire pit.

It was nice having a three day weekend, even if the kids were a tad cranky come Sunday due to being up WAY past their bedtime. Whoops.  Isn’t that what summer is for, though?  It’s always so hard to end all of the fun.

We’ve been pulling out the board games a lot these past couple of weeks as well.  Phoebe doesn’t always have the patience for them, but Enzo loves playing – his new favorite being Sorry.  (Yes, that is fake poop on his head).

We also had his preschool graduation on the 26th.  I can’t believe it.  He’s very upset that he has to wait until September to go to Kindergarten, however.  I had to explain to him about summer vacation and he was not having it.

He’s growing up in so many ways and even Uzi is appreciating that he is a bit more calm lately (at least at times).  Haha!

Our biggest news, though, has to be our new Bearded Dragon, Bowser.  We have talked for a while about getting one and ages ago Josh picked up a tank setup for super cheap, but we finally decided to pull the trigger on Monday.  He has absolutely stolen our hearts and I had no idea just how social they are!  He loves to be taken out of his terrarium and I’m thinking we might go sit in the sun this weekend. If Josh lets me, that is. He’s really more Josh’s pet than mine, but I can’t help but love pretty much all animals. 😉

Week In Review – Unicorn Poop Edition

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

Last week was a semi-productive one, mostly in terms of planning/prepping for our upcoming road trip.  When it comes to trips I tend to go a little crazy with lists and spreadsheets and planning.  I’m fine with a certain amount of spontaneity, but I like to be sure we have the basics covered.

I also went and grabbed cupcakes from Nadia Cakes since they do special ones for April Fools.  Unicorn Poop is the favorite.

We also finally got around to watching Fantastic Beasts this week.  One of the hardest parts of having kids is finding time to have dates and most importantly go to the movies. I can’t wait until they’re older.

As usual, the majority of the week seemed to take place the weekend.   I took the kids to get haircuts, or rather a haircut for Enzo and a little trim for Phoebe as she kept correcting me since she didn’t want to mistakenly get too much taken off.

Then we went to get shoes as they’ve outgrown a lot and they need some summer ones. Enzo really didn’t care, but Phoebe couldn’t decide which pair and ended up on several. Admittedly, these little heels are adorable.

We then went to the zoo since it was a gorgeous day and to hopefully see some farm babies. Alas, everyone else had the same idea and it was PACKED.

Enzo does really well with sticking close, but Phoebe still has a tendency to wander off and then with the crowds, get freaked out if she loses sight of me, so I wasn’t too bummed when the kids asked if we could leave and go get ice cream.

Sunday we finally got around to doing our taxes.  Normally we don’t wait until April, but… whoops. Needless to say the second you sit down to do something important that is when the kids want your undivided attention.

Have a Happy Monday everyone!